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Interior Design Services

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Nomad and Grace Apparel

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Nomad & Co. Made to Order


Nomad & Co - Pre Loved

Nomad and Grace Staple Collection

Modest Attire


Hand-Woven Kelim Collection


Linens + Scatters

Bringing your love for Modern + Timeless Interiors to life, filling your bedrooms with the most gorgous collection of locally manufactured linens. Gorgeous hand made linens, pillow cases and scatter cushions; bringing your Pinterest room dreams to life.

100% waffle weave Cotton LINEN RANGE

Nomad & Grace is all about Modern Simplicity, while being mindful of our impact onto the world we live in and share. A brand which was born out of love for thoughtfully designed pieces for babies & children and their homes, We have grown over the years and we look forward to continue expanding towards carefully curating a unique selection of locally made homewear and clothing. Appreciating simple beautiful, well-made pieces that can last a lifetime. 

We hope you like our selection as much as we do.



Modern Quality Islamic Apparel for both boys and girls, and even some matching
Mommy + Daddy and Me Outfits too, Insh'Allah.
Comfort, Natural Breathable fabrics are what we are aiming for insh'Allah, and we have taken careful consideration to the colours and fabric choices in our upcoming range. ⁠

NUR wishes to meet the demand of a clientele that has been ignored for many years in the South African Islamic Market: the Muslim Child. The need for quality sustainable locally made islamic Kids Attire became ever more apparent, thus the inspiration behind NUR.

NUR meaning "light", "The Divine Light".[1]An-Nur, meaning "the light" in Arabic. Our children are an amanah(trust) from Allah (SWA) given to the family