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Kimono Knotted Grow

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After nine months of being snug and warm in a tightly enclosed womb, why not continue that safe feeling when your baby is born? The baby gown imitates the womb to help your newborn sleep peacefully because it’s familiar to them.

Perhaps the most popular reason parents dress their newborns in a knotted gown during the first few months is usability. No matter the time of day, a KIMONO winter knotted gown {Orchid Smoke} is easy to get on and off thanks to NO buttons or zippers. The knotted style is easy to unwrap for easy diaper changes. After all, you’ll be doing a lot of them! Plus, if accidents happen (which they will), you’ll want a garment with a wide neck and flaps that let you easily pull it downward instead of pulling it over their head.

Our grows also have no-scratch fold over mittens Who doesn't love a good fold-over mitten? I know I do! When my son was young and battled itchy eczema, mittens were a life saver for his tiny little cherub face. These were a no-brainer addition. They're great protection for all babies, but they're especially useful for babies with eczema and skin sensitivities.

The perfect hospital bag outfit or baby shower gift.