VIKING TOYS ECOLINE - Jumbo Fire Truck - Nomad & Grace SA Nomad & Grace SA
VIKING TOYS ECOLINE - Jumbo Fire Truck - Nomad & Grace SA Nomad & Grace SA


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Race to the emergency and save the day with this sustainable, durable and non-toxic fire truck from Viking Toys made from sugur canes. Climb the swiveling, extendable ladder to the rescue. Can you get there in time? This eco-friendly fire truck made from sugar cane is perfect for the young fire fighter and promote creative hands-on pretend play for kids ages 1 to 5 years.

  • Made from renewable resources, sugar cane.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Toxin free
  • 28 cm long vehicles.
  • A safe and environmentally friendly choice for children 1-5 years

          Toxic free

          For us, toxic free toys are as obvious as waking up in the morning. Because our products are designed for young children, all the plastics in our toys are free from substances harmful to the environment and human health.


          Swedish sustainability

          Our toys are the antidote to the prevailing throwaway culture. The timeless swedish design and high quality of our toys give them lasting value. So durable and robust that even an adult can step on them without breaking them. Toys made to last a lifetime.

          100% recyclable

          Ecoline toys are 100% recyclable together with conventional plastic. So if someone against all odds would like to retire one of our eco-friendly toys they can just throw the toy in a plastic recycle bin to be reused as something else.

          Made from Sugar Cane

          Out with the oil and in with sugar cane a renewable resource, Coming from the kingdom of plants a Ecolline toy is reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental footprint. The fact is that sugar cane binds more carbon dioxide when it grows then the production of the raw materiahe manufacture of Ecoline toys is made from sugar cane, a recyclable and fossil-free raw material. The sugarcane used to make Ecoline toys grows on a controlled land in Brazil 2,500 km from the Amazon. The sugar cane absorbs CO2 from the air and minimizes greenhouse effect. This makes the production of the material climate positive as the sugar cane binds more carbon dioxide as they grow what goes into the production of the environmentally friendly material. For every kilo of Biotylene produced, 3.09 kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere.

          Toys in our new product line, Ecoline, made from bio-based materials, will have the same characteristics as our previous generation toy cars. These toys are toxin-free and made of food grade plastic and the durability remains the same. The only thing that distinguishes Ecoline from other toys in Viking Toys range is that the oil in the plastic has been replaced by bio-based renewable resources. This means that Viking Toys contributes to safe and fun play for a healthy planet